The Bodhisattva in Lent: Approaching the Brilliant Three Jewels

Day 7 of my Lent Offering

The worldly gods who are themselves imprisoned in Samsara
How can they protect anyone else?
Hence, relying on the Three Jewels which are infallible
And taking refuge in them is a Bodhisattva practice.

– from The Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices, a work authored by Gyalsé Tokmé Zangpo

Not knowing what the “Three Jewels” were as an objective definition, I gave some thought to what they might be perceived of in connection with my life.  The triad that immediately came to my mind were: (i) God, (ii) my spirit and (iii) the collection of ancestors, family and friends existent and absent in my waking world.  The traditional jewels are as follows:

1. the ideal or highest spiritual potential that exists within all beings
2. the path to enlightenment
3. the community of those who have attained enlightenment

So, I guess it all begins with the idea of a greatness that exists everywhere and at all times… then you layer in the idea that there is surely a way to achieve that spiritual potential… but, lastly, you will not be alone on your journey because there will always be one before you who will have kept the fire and rhythm alive… and perhaps you, to future generations, will be the one to carry the knowledge on to them.  As my Uncle Father Reverend John (aka Jake) would say: “Each of your actions has eternal consequences.”  And, if I might add, it is those eternal consequences that are who you are… who one see oneself to be… the dream destiny image of the self being realized by the Self…